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The Lawn Care Service Provider Whom You Can Fully Trust

If you take a stroll around the streets of Gainesville, GA and stumble upon beautifully maintained gardens, unique landscapes, and fresh-looking lawns, chances are, our crew has had something to do with it. Why? Because for the last 10 years, Empire Landscaping has been the preferred landscaping service provider for residential and commercial property owners seeking reliable, honest, and professional work. Did we capture your interest? There is more to know!

How Are We Different?

It all started with a single client in Gainesville, GA, which later grew into a thriving business with a steadily growing clientele of satisfied homeowners and business owners who value our landscaping service and constant input. Partner this with our seasonal discounts and specials, and the outcome is perfect for you!

Why Trust Us

Landscaping is an art in itself. As such, we would never deliver a shoddy lawn care service and skip the weed control when caring for your landscape. No, this is not how we, from Empire Landscaping, understand our responsibility and it is certainly not how we provide our services. Everything is handled meticulously and with great care.

If you lack the time and would like to book a professional lawn care service, turning to our team will not be a disappointment. Find out yourself by calling (770) 872-4509 and scheduling an appointment!



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